RIP Google Hangouts On Air

RIP Google Hangouts On Air Like with many Google products, this officially is RIP Google Hangouts On Air. It’s amusing how people think that large companies such as Google never have any failures. In fact, larger companies have more failures than successes. It’s just that they can financially absorb failures much more easily than smaller companies. Death By A Thousand Cuts Once touted as the next Facebook (who hasn’t heard

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Why I Fired My Facebook Friends

I've been asked by a bunch of people in social media why I fired my Facebook friends to make my online life much happier right now. In fact, I fired over 3,500 of them. For a moment, imagine yourself in the boardroom on Donald Trump’s TV show The Apprentice. (I know there may be many repulsed with that thought because of today's hostile political climate, yet bear with me for a

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Best WordPress Plugins for 2016

In running a digital marketing agency, we researched hundreds of plugins and determined the best Wordpress plugins for 2016. These are the same best Wordpress plugins that we install on all of our client’s websites. Obviously, some of our clients may need additional plugins based on their particular business. Of course, we do a little more in-depth ninja work with our clients. These should help you build a solid foundation. Please

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Behind The Scenes: Social Media, The Golden Globes and Academy Awards

I get a lot of questions on social media and in person about doing social media for the award shows. Instead of constantly answering everyone individually, I thought a blog post would be much easier to explain all the behind the scenes action. Even though I previously lived in LA for about 11 years and got burnt out on the celebrity scene, I must admit that it was pretty fun

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