RIP Google Hangouts On Air

RIP Google Hangouts On Air Like with many Google products, this officially is RIP Google Hangouts On Air. It’s amusing how people think that large companies such as Google never have any failures. In fact, larger companies have more failures than successes. It’s just that they can financially absorb failures much more easily than smaller [...]

Best WordPress Plugins for 2016

In running a digital marketing agency, we researched hundreds of plugins and determined the best Wordpress plugins for 2016. These are the same best Wordpress plugins that we install on all of our client’s websites. Obviously, some of our clients may need additional plugins based on their particular business. Of course, we do a little more [...]

How to Get Started in Content Marketing

If you ever wanted to get started in content marketing, it can very quickly become a little overwhelming. Effective content marketing will provide your message with targeted visibility and assist by increasing your conversions, since you will have a better educated audience. Proper content marketing will also allow you to save money on advertising. While [...]