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Speaker Topics: Digital MarketingEntrepreneurship,
Social Media, 
Success, Leadership

Few speakers are as direct or clear, creating an understandable framework for people to click in and use the material immediately.

When Richard finishes a presentation for an audience, fantastic change occurs.

Excitement and positive thought is raised, goals are set and opportunities become clear.  Above all, he motivates his audiences to bring every ounce of their human potential to the surface.

He has traveled the world inspiring crowds with his entertaining and educational message.

“I’ve heard many people introduced as a professional speaker, but Richard Krawczyk exemplifies the role. Richard is poised, confident, and provides very useful content all at the same time. If you are wanting to add quality to your workshop of training, I would highly recommend working with Richard.”
– Bob Bare, Event Promoter

Richard Krawczyk Speaker Topics
and Descriptions


Ultimate Digital Marketing Blueprint™

In this popular talk, your audience will discover the latest developments in the three pillars of digital marketing: Social Media, Social Advertising, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Technology and strategies continually evolve. Your crowd will learn what is working today and not six months ago.


Ultimate Entrepreneurship Blueprint™

Entrepreneurs continually prove that they are wired differently than most people.

With more individuals rushing to start their own business even on a part time basis, it is imperative that entrepreneurs receive the latest strategies so they can live the Ultimate Entrepreneur Lifestyle™.

Your attendees will leave your event inspired to help as many customers as they can while enjoying freedom for themselves.

Social Media

Ultimate Social Media Blueprint™

It’s no secret that social media is rapidly evolving and every business and individual needs to be active on social media platforms.

In this content-rich presentation, Richard reveals to your audience how they can increase their visibility and sales with the proper use of social media.

With a mind-boggling 1.4 billion timeline deliveries in his coverage for the 2016 Academy Awards for Vanity Fair Social Club, he practices what he preaches.


Ultimate Marketing Blueprint™

Known as a cavalier in marketing, your crowd will quickly discover why Richard is in high demand as a consultant.

Whether they are looking to dramatically increase the amount of leads and customers or simply increase their brand and position in the marketplace, this must-see presentation will keep your attendees at the edge of their seat.

By accurately identifying flaws in the marketplace, customer satisfaction and sales will consistently exceed expectations.

Success and

Ultimate Success Blueprint™

How to Quickly Achieve Success
in 5 Surprisingly Simple Steps

In this popular keynote, your attendees will discover how to easily and effortlessly experience success in any area of their life.

Richard reveals why some people experience a fulfilling life while others continually struggle with success.

Using his proprietary ELATE System™, your audience will discover the time-tested way to live the life of their dreams.


Ultimate Leadership Blueprint™

In these ever-changing times, an enlightened leader can guide their organization to record levels.

Expect increased productivity and abundant positive results in this powerful keynote address.

You’ll learn how to properly empower employees and top producers to become a Performance Champion™ by expertly adjusting their current approach.

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