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Richard Krawczyk - Case Studies

Richard’s knowledge, ideas and ability to speak to me without speaking over my head allowed me to be excited with all that I walked away with. He touches on every aspect of having your business be known, be real and never feeling that you can’t achieve what you desire to achieve. The cost is priceless, because when you are investing in yourself, there is no price tag.

Christy Miller, The Authentic Image - Case #378

To say that Richard has made an impact on my life is an understatement. In fact, there is B.R. (“Before Richard”) and A.R. (“After Richard”) dates of life for my business. He has transformed both me and my business. Because of his sage instruction, I went from chasing clients to having them chase me.

Steven Krohn, Krohn Media - Case #821

I’ve worked with other consultants in the past who had not been able to help me restructure my business that fits my skills, strengths, and abilities and that would allow me in the long run to work much less. Richard’s advice was clear and precise and that allowed me to take action very quickly and see results quickly.

Krizia MissK, - Case #236
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