I get a lot of questions on social media and in person about doing social media for the award shows.

Instead of constantly answering everyone individually, I thought a blog post would be much easier to explain all the behind the scenes action.

Even though I previously lived in LA for about 11 years and got burnt out on the celebrity scene, I must admit that it was pretty fun doing social media indirectly for the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards.


Here’s The Inside Scoop On Social Media, The Golden Globes and Academy Awards


Back in 2015, I was introduced to a really cool guy named Bryan Moore, who runs SocialTV. Because of my social influence, I happily became a small part of the social media team that covered the 2015 Golden Globe.

Just so you know, these are invite-only events.

Usually, you have to be recommended by someone already a part of the festivities in order to participate.

Poor Bryan already gets deluged with requests and turns down a lot of people to be on the social media team, so please don’t add to his Inbox.

On top of that, I was basically tweeting with a bunch of good friends.

In essence, I was doing what I would normally do anyway, blast out content on social media and hanging with social media peeps.


2015 Golden Globes

2015 Golden Globes Social Media Team for Access Hollywood

2015 Golden Globes Social Media Team for Access Hollywood


Our team was based at the Access Hollywood set is located on the NBC studio lot in Burbank, CA, several miles from the actual Golden Globes.

The Access Hollywood set was the same one used for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

This whole building was stuffed with Hollywood history.

Richard Krawczyk with Access Hollywood Host Liz Hernandez

Richard Krawczyk with Access Hollywood Host Liz Hernandez

Most of our work, if you even want to call it work, was blasting out content on Twitter during the Red Carpet portion before the Golden Globes awards were handed out.

SPOILER ALERT: Contrary to what you may think, the most of the social media team is not actually on the red carpet for these major award shows, at least not yet anyway. We watched the show on a television screen just like everyone else, albeit from the set of a celebrity television show.

It was on this night when I started to experiment a bit with my Twitter feed and began to notice some interesting results.

This tweaking would serve me well for future award shows.

Even though a lot of us are really good friends, there is a friendly competition on who can get the most timeline deliveries on Twitter.

Richard Krawczyk and Adryenn Ashley at the 2015 Golden Globes

Richard Krawczyk and Adryenn Ashley at the 2015 Golden Globes

Sometimes, a few get their feelings hurt when someone passes them on the list. In most cases, it only makes them want to push themselves harder.

After all, we are all there to blast out social media postings to increase the visibility and make Access Hollywood (the client), in this case, as well as Bryan Moore (the boss) look good.

When the red carpet ended and the awards ceremony actually started, many of us began to take lots of pictures and videos of the entire studio.




With the exception of a few places, we had complete access to the run of the place, including the kitchen.

In looking around the Access Hollywood set and studio, it was truly access to Hollywood.

Richard Krawczyk at Access Hollywood

Richard Krawczyk at Access Hollywood

There were a few of us that actually watched the show on television to see the results. Most of us lived in the present and took in the environment.

Yes, we all had a blast with the experience!

Although I didn’t see the final stats, I heard our team generated over 100MM impressions/timeline deliveries on Twitter.

I think I did pretty well since I was invited to do the Academy Awards the following month.

2015 Academy Awards

Vanity Fair Social Club 2015 Academy Awards


For this award show, the social media team of Vanity Fair Social Club was based at WeWork Hollywood, just a few blocks from the Kodak Theater, where the Academy Awards took place.

Thanks to Vanity Fair Social Club for hosting a classy, nearly week long event.

Richard Krawczyk and Jennifer Ettinger

Richard Krawczyk and Jennifer Ettinger

Oscar Week was an amazing experience.

Since it was my first Oscar Week and had no idea know what to wear, I think I brought half my nice wardrobe.

I’ve always felt it’s better to overdress than underdress. As usual, I wore a lot of Tom Ford.

There were plenty of panel discussions with industry professionals.

Vanity Fair Social Club Industry Panels

Vanity Fair Social Club Industry Panels

For the ladies, there were lots makeup sessions and goodie bags.

Truth be told, I snagged a bunch of cosmetics and gave it to my ex-wife, who lives in LA with my Little Man. I learned a long time ago that when momma is happy, everyone is happy.

Social media people get swag too.



One of the ways is we in social media to get swag is through a Twitter Vending Machine, which was pretty cool.

As you can hear in my voice, I was pretty sick the entire week. In fact, I think half the people were sick, yet we all enjoyed the experience.


Welcome Billy Bush


One afternoon, Billy Bush, who is one of the hosts of the celebrity television show Access Hollywood was there for a tweet-up.

A tweet-up is when a bunch of people are tweeting in the same room and they are tweeting back.

I have to admit that the concept was kind of weird to me, yet it worked.

Richard Krawczyk and Access Hollywood Host Billy Bush

Richard Krawczyk and Access Hollywood Host Billy Bush

All the questions and answers are public on Twitter.

He was kind enough to take some pictures with a few of us, including myself.

I was able to speak with Billy one-on-one for a few minutes and I found him to be very down to earth along with being a great family man.

You could tell he’s been in the celebrity world for a long time and is the consummate professional.

In the evenings, there were a few red carpet events that I did not attend.

During the week, I probably didn’t tweet as much as I should although I was enjoying the experience and hanging with good friends.


Vanity Fair Social Club Is First-Class


I must say that Vanity Fair really does it right. Every meal was catered with delicious food and the setting was impeccable.

Caviar and champagne is always a nice touch for influencers.

Grey Goose and Vanity Fair Social ClubGrey Goose was one of the sponsors, so vodka was flowing all week.

Chrysler was another sponsor. We were all offered limo rides and asked to tweet about the experience. The best tweet wins a prize.

The winner of the limo contest was given a gift certificate to Mozza, which is a very nice restaurant in Los Angeles.

Of course, I was thrilled when I won it, since I have dined there previously a few times and it’s one of my places to eat in LA.

This restaurant offers great food and impeccable service. I highly recommend that you eat at the bar stools area by the kitchen.


2015 Oscar Night

2015 Academy Awards Social Media Team for Vanity Fair Social Club

2015 Academy Awards Social Media Team for Vanity Fair Social Club


As you would expect, the night of the Academy Awards is a really fun experience.

Many of the men wore tuxedos and the ladies looked magnificent in their gowns.

Police Protecting The Academy Awards

Police Protecting The Academy Awards

Since our social media team was located just a few blocks from the Kodak Theater, the police stopped all cars and search them for bombs. Seeing the police was a reminder of the tight security and our proximity to the awards ceremony. You can never be too safe.

Early on, everyone was taking lots of pictures with each other to remember the night.

I quickly took a few pictures, ate some food, and got down to business on Twitter.

Richard Krawczyk on Oscar Night

Richard Krawczyk on Oscar Night


While some kept on socializing, I was blasting my Twitter account to significantly add to my timeline deliveries.

One of our team members had an account on hashtrack.com, which tracked all of our activity.

“Timeline Deliveries represent the total possible number of times someone could have viewed a particular message. We use the follower count of the original tweeter to generate the total number of timeline deliveries for each and every hashtagged tweet. There is no way to calculate how many of these deliveries were actually read, much as there is no way to calculate how many times a magazine ad is viewed, but timeline deliveries give us an idea about how broadly the message has been circulated.”
Source: hashtrack.com

Here are the Top 5 results from Oscar Week:

2015 Oscars Week Timeline Deliveries

2015 Oscars Week Timeline Deliveries


To be even mentioned in the same breath as part of this world-class social media team was certainly an honor.

I was shocked to discover to be at the top of this list with almost 8 times timeline deliveries than Access Hollywood for that particular hashtag.

Unfortunately, social media team members were not allowed to do any press releases to promote our involvement.

However, I’ve been able to land consulting work as a direct result of that chart.

Hanging with friends, landing some swag, and doing social media for a whole week was a wonderful experience.


2016 Oscar Week

The 2016 Oscars

Since our team didn’t participate in the 2016 Golden Globes, Vanity Fair Social Club once again invited everyone for Oscar Week.

Based on my previous success, I was fortunate enough to be invited back to attend Oscar Week once again, which I immediately accepted.

Most of the month of February, I was kicking butt working with clients in my digital marketing agency.

By the time Oscar Week rolled around, I was unable to attend for health reasons.

I was obviously disappointed that I wasn’t able to spend time with friends and acquiring Oscar Week swag.

Staying at home prevented me from the socializing, yet it gave me an opportunity to concentrate only on blasting out social media.

After the first day, I was told that I already topped the list and was so far ahead that no one was going to be able to catch up.

Yes, I’m very competitive with myself, so I made the decision to keep my foot on the gas and see how many timeline deliveries I can get.

Here are the final numbers of the Top 5 from this year’s Oscar Week:

Top 5 2016 Academy Awards Timeline Deliveries

Top 5 2016 Academy Awards Timeline Deliveries


#5 – Steven Krohn – At the last minute, Steven started at zero and jumped to over 71MM in only the last 36 hours of Oscar Week, yet he managed to crack the Top 5. Kudos to him.

#4 – Adryenn Ashley – With over 50MM timeline deliveries in 2015, she easily doubled her numbers this year. Adryenn is the Facebook Fan Page Engagement Queen, always puts out quality content, and is a true leader in the social media field.

#3 – Lori Moreno – A successful blogger and Vine girl, Lori seems to be always at events. She nearly doubled last year’s result and ended up with over 211MM timeline deliveries. Amazing numbers.

#2 – Sebastian St. George – After taking last year off, Sebastian catapulted his way to #2 on the list with over 315MM timeline deliveries. Such a massive comeback.

#1 – Once again, I topped the list this year with over 1.41 billion of the 2.4 billion total timeline deliveries during this year’s Oscar Week. This annihilated my results of over 178MM timeline deliveries that I accumulated during the previous year’s Oscars Week.

The tweaks on made to my strategy in previous awards shows made these numbers seem almost obscene.

Yes, I discovered the blueprint – pun intended.

I have no doubt that with so many amazing individuals on the social media team, the only reason I did so well is that I was unable to personally attend due to health reasons.

Sadly, I lost about 100 Twitter followers a day. The flood of tweets on my timeline may have turned off some in my digital marketing crowd that don’t normally follow my celebrity events.

I’m sure eventually that they will come back into my crowd once again.

With over 2.4 billion timeline deliveries, the entire world-class social media team did an incredible job to promote the Academy Awards on behalf Vanity Fair Social Club.

After showing the metrics from last year to prospects, I’ve been able to land consulting clients.

With this year’s numbers, I’m sure I will land even larger corporate clients to give additional visibility and sales to their brand.

Since the Academy Awards this year, I’ve put together a team to promote events for other companies.

I must admit that promoting all these celebrity events is a blast.

The enormous hospitality of Vanity Fair Social Club along with all these social media superstars was an enlightening and amazing experience.

If available, I will happily promote any of their events in the future.