RIP Google Hangouts On Air

Like with many Google products, this officially is RIP Google Hangouts On Air.

It’s amusing how people think that large companies such as Google never have any failures.

In fact, larger companies have more failures than successes. It’s just that they can financially absorb failures much more easily than smaller companies.

Death By A Thousand Cuts

Once touted as the next Facebook (who hasn’t heard that line before several times?), Google+ is simply dying a slow death.

If Dr. Kevorkian were still alive today, maybe Google+ would be put out of it’s misery substantially quicker.

“Google+ was one of the most ambitious bets in the company’s history,” write Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg in their book, How Google Works (2014). “Google+ is a response to the disruption of Web 2.0 and the emergence of the social web. It is the social fabric that weaves together Google’s various platforms, from AdWords to YouTube.”

With the continued dismantling of Google+, this social media network is becoming a shell of it’s former self.

Google Hangouts On Air SEO Ramifications

Our digital marketing agency successfully used Hangouts On Air for search engine optimization purposes, since they were almost immediately indexed.

If you were to keyword optimize a Google Hangout, you could really see some instant “juice” from Google.

Even though YouTube is owned by Google, they have a completely different search algorithm than its parent company.

As an example, you can be ranked high for a particular keyword on YouTube, yet that same keyword may not even appear in the first two pages of Google search.

Luckily, Google+ is still technically around if you want to take advantage of some limited SEO perks.

Hangouts On Air moving from Google+ to YouTube Live

While YouTube would seem like a more natural fit for live streaming, this signals a greater reliance to one of the Google properties.

As we say RIP Google Hangouts On Air, this will make it unlikely that Google will do an IPO or sell YouTube anytime within the next 5+ years.